Vijaykumar S Patil

About Me

Vijugowda S Patil, a populist known for his public service in the North Karnataka political system. A simple, typical, and gentlemanly politician who brought hope to the people who were lost by the showy politics. Born in a poor farmer’s family, he dedicated his life to the service of the people.
Vijugowda S Patil raised his voice when the entire Babaleshwar constituency was deprived of basic amenities due to the negligence of corrupt politicians. To provide justice to the people of his constituency, he has been working day and night for the welfare of the people of his constituency hitherto. Vijugowda S Patil’s path to politics is distinct from the other politicians; regardless of political power, he believes that the main mission of his constituency is to serve the people, and he has settled in the courtyard of politics. He strongly believes in the fact that a leader must read the pulse of the people and extend his hands to help the respective community than portraying oneself as a politician to the world. He engages in his service with an open hand without bifurcating people on a numerous basis. Thence, Vijugouda is protected by the blessings of thousands of people from his constituency.
He has continued his service in politics by swearing that he will serve the society undeterred by thousands of crises in the path of public service.

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